. . . The seats are much narrower than those youll find in the IMAX cinema and while the film is still screened in 3D, the motion can disrupt the visuals when at its highest setting. FIRST EXPERIENCE OF A DBOX 3D MOVIE. .

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Dec 25, 2017 D-BOX is a new immersive film experience that uses motion to mimic the live action on screen.

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4 feet tall and 117. . For example, car chase or diving scenes can be lived by the seat movements. .

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D-Box vs. ago. Enjoy full-motion seating, wind, rain, mist, snow, back and leg ticklers, fog (including explosions and smoke), air jets, scents,.

Jan 28, 2023 General Overview DBOX vs XD Cinemark XD is a premium large format available at select Cinemark locations.